ATLAS Lab is a community driven urban design studio focused on enlivening and building healthy communities through landscape architecture and art. 

We primarily work within the public realm, identifying underperforming sites within the built environment to increase ecological productivity, safety, and social interactions in overlooked and underserved communities. Whether a small-scale urban installation or large-scale master plan, ATLAS Lab’s design interventions are guided by a rigorous research process to develop strategies that are historically, culturally and ecologically responsive. While the lab has developed proposals for large urban contexts, it is rooted in the idea that small interventions can make a big impact. ATLAS lab favors the collective approach of community engagement as opposed to a top down strategy. With experience collaborating and managing complex design teams, working on private and public developments, and developing vision plans at the city and pedestrian scale, we bring expertise enhancing the human experience. 

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  • Design innovative solutions for urban landscapes, including but not limited to parks, plazas, transportation corridors, waterfronts, and private and public developments


  • Collaborate with communities and institutions to create participatory design interventions
  • Facilitate dialogue between communities, stakeholders, public and private institutions to develop a unified vision
  • Facilitate Public Outreach Workshops


  • Develop interactive Installations
  • Activate underperforming and overlooked public spaces within the built environment
  • Employ technology to produce innovative design solutions


  • Develop master plans, design guidelines and exhibits
  • Visualize and translate complex landscape and urban systems
  • Renderings

We bring vibrant and authentic design solutions for cities through community collaborations that are historically, culturally and ecologically responsive.

Design collaborators include: Andrew tenBrink (co-Founder), Rachel McQueen, Erik Prince, Forbes Lipschitz, and Sarah Thomas Karle.  

Individuals and organizations who have helped realize our vision include: Marq and Rachel Truscott, David Vela, ASLA Sierra Chapter, Miracle Play Group, TAYNR, Village Nursery.